10 Best marketing blogs you should always visit

The marketing community deserves to be updated on what can promote their strength. It has always been a norm in highlighting some transformational blogs that can aid progress and development to all and sundry. As a marketer, you should always go through some sites that are educative whilst informative, which can help you develop more innovation in your field of operation.

So, if you want to advance your marketing game, your sure way t is to always read the blogs the professionals are learning from. Therefore, take your time and look at one (or all) of them, and see if any of your favorites made the list.

  1. Content Marketing Institute: We all know that content is an important part of any digital marketing campaign, much more reason why this site is very essential to read. Content Marketing Institute offers some of the best advice around in terms of how content can help your brand. The site is developed by Michelle Linn and their editorial team is really doing a wonderful job by consistently managing the quality high on this multi-author blog. In fact, it is regard as the powerhouse of the content marketing industry because of its ability to display strong information and insights with update daily.
  2. Ahrefs: This is founded by Dmitry Gerasimenko and the site has been a perfect example of how to be effective with content marketing because majority of their posts covers an interesting SEO topic that your tool can help with, and directly shows people how to use your tool to solve those problems.
  3. Moz blog: It is truism that this blog is one of the best to read if you’re interested on update about top of industry news related to SEO or inbound marketing initiatives. The blog covers what you deserve to know with the right amount of detail to make it easy for you to understand without being stressed. Even in a case whereby you’re a beginner with SEO, their content is easy to comprehend. Each of their posts provides real value, offering actionable insights or even “how-to” articles related to SEO.
  4. Econsultancy: This blog helps to give more insights about digital marketing coverage with their research strength. They offer resources that provide practical advice for brands to market themselves online in a way that follows best practices and also integrates innovative trends. Econsultancy has been consistent when it comes to innovation and the latest digital marketing.  They offer consultancy and advice to nearly any business owner due to their wide range of operations for them to achieve their targeted goals.
  5. Intercom: It is jointly founded by Eoghan McCabeDes TraynorCiaran Lee and David Barrett with aim of proffering actionable advice on marketing.  Intercom is a customer messaging platform and it is a marketing tool that powers live chat, in‐app messaging and Help Center. The blog is also very popular and mostly focus on unique, opinion‐based contents which are managed by a team of writers and editors. It also covers a broad array of topics, ranging from sales and marketing to product, design, and engineering. You can’t afford to not read it, isn’t it?
  6. Andrew Chen: Andrew Chew is one of the most popular thought leaders in Silicon Valley; He is an investor at Andreessen Horowitz and has previously led growth at Uber. People are so much interested in Andrew’s essays and hence made it well‐loved and widely accepted. His newsletter is read by some of the best in growth marketing. One of his posts—Growth Hacker is the new VP Marketing—actually inspired the revolution of “growth hacking” in Silicon Valley, and has led to the creation of growth teams in almost every tech company today. With that, his blog is one of the best blog you can visit and learn new things on marketing and other related issues.
  7. CopyHackers: Copywriting is strong prowess for internet marketers. Talking about Facebook ads to homepages, everything requires good copy to interest, entice and convert. It is not surprising that CopyHackers made it to the list as one of the best copywriting blogs because it is a great place for those interested in solving sales and marketing problems with copywriting. So, if you really want to improve your copywriting, copyhackers is there to guide you about it.
  8. Kissmetrics: This blog presents analytics and testing insights on everything you’ve always desire to know with regards to marketing. Their expertise is Data-driven marketing and their team regularly examines statistical trends to create reports that can better inform brand’s online performance. Their posts assists to bring out solutions for companies that are looking for ways to improve their online marketing, and most of their findings usually help to shape the decisions made for a lot of companies as they try to achieve their marketing goals. This shows that Kissmetrics helps to analyze varieties of data at their disposal vis-à-vis marketing and recommend appropriate measures and strategies.
  9. PR Daily News: This site brings together industry-related news with other top stories and information going on around the world that day. It keeps all the information you need to stay on top of things in one easy newsfeed as opposed to switching to a bunch of different outlets to learn about news topics from different industries. This site also offers contents on marketing and also technology information.
  10. Convince and Convert: This site provides different resource which includes a website, blog, podcast, books, and ebooks. They are digital marketing advisors led by Jay Baer, and it is the suitable spot to have more insight about digital advertising. Each of their articles is short and simple to the extent that you can easily understand the point of what they are discussing, while still remaining insightful and informative. Their contents help you develop your own contents and shape your zeal towards your own digital marketing strategies. It really assist in encourage your passion to achieve such admirable great feat. Make it a bookmark!

Digital marketing blogs are a great place to be connected with what is going on in this rapidly-changing industry. Are there any digital marketing blogs that you love that we missed on our list? Comment and let us have your view.