5 Classic Hangover Cures Rated

o-HANGOVER-CURES-facebookOw. The pounding, foggy, achy brain. Hearing the alarm ringing from miles away. That taste of stale alcohol in your mouth. And where did you leave your phone? If this is something that you experienced waking up after a long night out drinking, congratulations, you’re hung over. If you have to get up and get on with your day, you need to put this hangover to bed. The Dudesclub rates classic hangover cures to show you what works works and what will make you feel worse.

  1. Drink More

You’re not taking drinking to the next level, you’re trying to bite the hair of the dog that bit you, as the saying goes. One of the best and most fool proof ways to beat a hangover is to have another drink. It may not be the most acceptable option, especially if you have to show up and be presentable at work. Be careful with this hangover cure, since once the effects of this drink wear off you’ll still have that hangover to deal with. Hangovers are how your body detox from alcohol, you may not want to keep that process going. Rating: One greasy egg sandwich.

  1. Coffee

Sometimes the thought of drinking anything else can turn you away from your usual morning cup of coffee. If you’re a regular coffee drinker that’s not such a good idea though, since you may wind up with a piercing caffeine withdrawal headache to complicate your post-party discomfort. Just don’t keep the coffee coming: too much caffeine will possibly dehydrate you and make you feel worse. Rating: Two greasy egg sandwiches.

  1. Breakfast

Don’t skip breakfast if you have a hangover. Maybe the thought of it makes you feel like you are going to puke, but power through it. Hurl first, then eat. Traditionally the hangover breakfast cure includes the greasiest food possible—like greasy egg sandwiches—but making sure that you have some vitamin C on your plate will help too. That means you should try to drink a glass or two of orange juice or have a grapefruit to eat. It may do you better than the breakfast sausage. Rating: Three greasy egg sandwiches.

  1. Showering

It may sound obvious but showering after a long night of drinking can make you feel a lot better. A warm shower can relax you if you’re feeling stressed, and a cold shower can shock you into wakefulness if you’re sleepwalking. Either one will do the trick, and mask some of your partying behavior if you need to be seen in public. Rating: Five greasy egg sandwiches.

  1. Liquids

This should be part of your hangover prevention even before you go to bed the night you are drinking. Making sure that your body is fully hydrated can only lessen the effects of the hangover the next day. After you wake up, keep the liquids coming—that means water for hydration, orange juice for vitamin C and blood sugar balance, and sports drinks for electrolytes. Rating: Five greasy egg sandwiches.

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