How You Can Naturally Lose Weight Fast

There are numerous ways to lose weight fast that are naturally and not through any medication. Sometimes, many people focus on medical recommendations to help them reduce disturbing weight which at the end of it may not work as planned. In most cases, the fast way isn’t the right way, and most people just end up gaining the weight back.

We all need to know the process of weight loss isn’t something quick which means it takes time together with lifestyle that shapes good health condition before you can see the results. However, it is possible for you to reduce your weight at a fast rate when you are able to maintain those results and keep performing new habits that are productive. In order for this to work, your fast weight loss methods have to be sustainable and medically healthy.

Having said that, the important aspect of performing those habits is to know how to go about it, it is every easier to say than done. So, you need to know where to start, how to get the best results and proper ways in maintaining it. According to scientists, some of the ways are discussed below:

Ways to lose weight fast according to science:

In this article, we shall be discussing three powerful ways that are opined by scientists that can help you fasten your weight reduction techniques. The three ways are i) Planning ii) Dieting iii) Good lifestyle

  1. i)Planning:

Anything we do in this world requires proper planning for one to be excelled. If you are determined to achieve a goal, your strategies been planned would enable you works towards getting to your desired target. This shows that to ensure a healthy and effective weight loss, you need to plan for it. As I said earlier, some people still believes that to reduce in weight is easy, it is not. We all know that weight loss is all about burning of calories but yet we need to realize that every human body has its own way of operation such as food digestion, calorie burning and other related tasks. Therefore, lack of planning can actually affect the nature of progress in the given task. With regards to weight loss, there are some areas to focus on which are:

  1. a)The rate of metabolic process: Metabolic rate is crucial as it determines how the body convert food into calories and then into energy for the body to burn them off. This process reduces your metabolism and starves your body. And by doing that it makes your body to store fat by piling on. It also means you are not having enough nutrients in your body to start with and it will slow down your metabolism process as your body scrambles to look for what is lacking.
  2. b)The level of calorie consumption: You need to know that while trying to lose weight, you need to have some certain of amounts of calories in you. In fact, scientists opined that you shouldnever consume less than 1,200 calories in any one day, no matter how much weight you want to loseThis shows that you might end up gaining more weight by not focusing on your calorie intake that is why it is recommended that when trying to burn calories in the body, always plan and track the necessary amount your body system deserves.
  3. c)Be mindful of what you eat: Mindful eating is a practice where people focus and pay attention to how and where they eat their food. Planning what to eat and the right amount is very necessary in your bid to reduce weight. In a situation whereby you just eat what comes your way or just take any food to satisfy your hunger, it is very unhealthy and might distort your target. So it is also advisable to focus on what you what to eat and avoid distraction while eating so that you won’t eat more than necessary. Planning meals in advance will also allow you to handpick foods made with healthy nutrients.
  1. ii)Diet:

The most crucial aspect of weigh loss is diet as it enables you to focus on nutrients that will be beneficial to your desired goals and not adding to the weight. Just as you need to avoid some restrictive meal plans and/or unhealthy meal replacement smoothies. You can rather look for diet changes that are sustainable and helps you maintain good health. Some of the ways include:

  1. a)Try and reduce portions: It is not easy for you to do this but you just need to, reducing your food portions will give you the opportunity of having a better health. When you eat slowly and calmly, you will quickly feel full rather than rushing. Also, you can just take a glass of water before and after your meal so as to make you satisfied.
  2. b)Know the level of carbohydrate you are consuming: Carbohydrate is good for your body as it enable you to get energy and stay fit. However, you need to choose what you eat carefully; you can go for carbohydrates options with low glycemic index figures.
  3. c) Eat good protein: Protein is very essential in boosting your body strength in burning calories. It also helps to regulate appetite hormones to make you feel full. You can opt for lean proteins which include: beans, white fish, soy, nuts, diary and others.
  4. d)Consume enough fiber: The importance of fiber is to maintain your digestive system and help you allow your body to flush out waste products properly so that they won’t build up in the body to become fat. You can go for dietary fibers from plant-based carbohydrates which include: fruits and vegetables, oats, whole-wheat pasta, peas and beans, nuts and seed and many more.
  5. e)Eat vegetables that are low in carbohydrates: Vegetables are good for the body but since you wish to reduce your weight, it is appropriate for you to eat delicious vegetables that are low in carbohydrates such as: cucumber, lettuce, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli and others.

iii)              Good lifestyle:

For you to successfully reduce your weight, you need to look into your lifestyle aspect and manage it. In fact, they seem to be the most difficult aspect because they involve what happen to the person in the daily activities. You can manage your lifestyle to effectively enable you to lose weight in the followings ways:

  1. a)Have a good exercise routine: It is very obvious that exercise is an interesting aspect of reducing weights. A study found out that physical activity helped tremendously in weight loss. This is because when you do exercise; your body stays fit and healthy which will boost your mental health. Meanwhile, be mindful that exercise can trigger you to eat foods so when exercising, be watchful of your calorie intake by making sure it is balanced.
  2. b)Weight lifting at gyms: Make it a habit by going to gym to lift weights, it enhance smooth metabolism and a good method of burning calories.  Kindly be aware that muscle mass is heavier than fat. If you do this, pay less attention to the scale and more to how you look and feel! It is recommended to go to gym at least 3-4 times in a week.
  3. c)Always sleep better: Poor night sleep is a major factor that contributes to weight gain. Therefore, in order to lose your weight, you need to have a sound sleep and relax yourself. This is because a study observed that those that sleep for less than 5-6 hours per night are liable to increase incidence of obesity.
  4. d)Manage your stress levels: The stress in the body easily add to the release of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol which decreases the appetite as part of body’s fight or flight response. And when excess of cortisol is formed, your body store fat in order to keep you full. Therefore, it is good to always make sure you are able to manage your stress. There are various ways to do that which include: yoga, meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques, jogging or walking around and many more.


Kindly note that there no sudden measures to weight loss, it is all about dedication and commitment. While not all the weight loss techniques are efficient and workable for everyone, by following the 3 steps discussed in this article, you shall see the desired results.

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