The Best Green Teas For Weight Loss That Are Effective

Obesity is really epidemic these days and much more reason why people faced with it always result into getting proper measures to tackle it. Many people engage in different forms of weigh reduction/loss just to burn out the calories. If you are one of them, you can easily reduce your weight with the aid of green tea when you know the genuine ones. It is on that purpose this article explain what you need to know about green teas and how it effectively works.

As well all know that not all types of tea out there really help in weight loss but those that are helpful in that regard shall be discussed in this article. It is on record that obesity or weight gain is directly attributed to the consumption of unhealthy diets and processed foods which really put people into the risk of contacting cardiovascular disease and other health problems. Interestingly, there are numerous ways to reduce weights and programs that can make you enjoy the process. Today, tea has been productive in weight reduction or loss due to its nutrients and compounds.

What Does Tea Means?

Since it is now clear that teas are effective in weight loss and one of the major ones is green tea. Let’s firstly talk about what tea means and the literal meaning of it. Tea is a well known beverage that is been consumed in most part of the world. It is originated from the leaves of a widely grown shrub called “Camellia sinensis” whereby the shrub is originated in Asia.

What Is Green Tea?

Green tea is a tea that is processed without the withering and oxidation of the leaves. This type of tea is commonly known to aid weight loss and it also offer varieties of physical and mental health benefits. There are different brands of green tea that is been sold at marketplace and it is mostly sold in a capsule form which is referred to “green tea extract”.  Another interesting part of it is that some people do go for its diet whereby they would take multiple cups of green tea everyday to lose weight faster.

Green tea is lightly brewed compared to other type of teas and its steeping temperatures range from 61 °C (142 °F) to 87 °C (189 °F) and steeping times are from 30 seconds to three minutes.

Chemical Composition of Green Tea

This tea constitutes a small quantity of naturally occurring caffeine and an amino acid known as L-theanine. The effect of caffeine is that it helps to boost energy which would give you strength at a workout and L-theanine helps you to slow the release of caffeine which would lead to smoother energy boost. This shows that with the composition of L-theanine, you won’t experience the high and lows linked with caffeine from a cup of coffee. The leaves of Green tea are combined with antioxidants called polyphenols and catechins. The main catechin is called epigallocatechin gallate which helps to increase fat oxidation that would lead to reduction in belly fat. It is also on record that this tea catechin aids the liver to convert body fat into energy more efficiently. Also, researchers found out that people that drink tea and engage in exercise are prone to lose an average of two pounds more than people that only engage in exercise as a means of weight loss.

Health Importance of Green Tea

Aside the fact that green tea provide necessary tools to combat the body fat which would enhance weight reduction, there are other medicinal benefits associated to this beverage. It has been recorded at different studies that the consumption of green tea leads to the following:

–          Reduction in the risk of cardiovascular diseases,

–         Reduction in the risk of contacting cancer,

–         It helps to reduce blood sugar fasting level, 

–         It aids liver inflammation,

–         It assist against skin problems,

–         It fights obesity and mortality rate and many more.

This shows that when you are able to get green tea to your diet, you have the access to benefit the listed health importance from the beverage. Due to the presence of caffeine and high level of antioxidants in the tea, it assists to boost metabolism which would burn the unwanted calories in the body and cause weight loss.

The Link between Green Tea and Weight Loss

People now use green tea as a medicinal supplement for weight loss due to its composition. Although, some people still not believe the capacity of the tea to yield weight loss, but there are evidences in line with health researches that has affirmed the claim. Both catechins and caffeine have been shown to assist in weight loss by regulating the hormones that can enhance thermogenesis.

To put the record straight, how green tea enhance weight loss is explained thus:

a)     The presence of bioactive compounds such as caffeine and ECCG will help the body by boasting the metabolism and make the body lose fat.

b)    The compounds found in Green tea breaks down fat in the fat cell and release them into the bloodstream for use as energy by muscle cells.

c)     With the addition of green tea to exercise, it increases weight loss.

Brands of Green Tea That Are Effective for Weight Loss

It is evident that green tea offers medical benefit which one of it is weight loss. However, there are different brands of green tea and the difference in them is noticed in texture, taste and smell. The different brands include:

1.        Matcha Green Tea: This green tea is derived from grounded steeped and dried leaves of the tea plants. It is a powerhouse and very effective with regards to weight loss. This means that this tea leaves are stone-ground into a fine powder and the entire leaf is consumed rather than removing the leaves after steeping. This type of green tea possess high level of antioxidants and other compounds such as catechin which aid metabolism and weight loss. Part of the properties of Matcha green tea is that it offers vegetal and floral favor that has a hint of sweetness which can even help you stay away from foods that can damage your teeth.

2.     Sencha Green Tea: Sencha Green Tea is also another type of green tea that helps in weight loss as it is possess antioxidants and compounds such as tannins, flavonoids and ECCG which are effective in numerous health benefits. It possesses a savory flavor with hints of melon and pine and contains 41% less caffeine than other known coffee. People that are interested in green tea always find this type very delightful and exciting.

3.     Goodwyn Green Tea: Goodwyn is a popular manufacturer of teas and the company is based in Indian but produce and distributes varieties of tea to different places. Part of their product is Goodwyn green tea which is very effective in weight loss. It possess good flavor and tastes sweet. Due to the presence of catechins and other important compounds in this tea, it helps to aid the burning of calories in the body. This tea also helps the body to reduce stress and rejuvenate the mind.    

4.     Genmaicha Green Tea: Another good variety of green tea is Genmaicha green tea as it possess good flavor. In this case, the green tea leaves are blended with popped rice kernels and it makes you to feel full and have taste buds just like coffee. It is also on record that this type of green tea can help you to increase the body temperature which will notice the body to burn fat stores.

5.     Tetley Green Tea: Tetley green tea is a product of a manufacturing company known as Tetley. The company is a subsidiary of Tata Global Beverages which it’s headquartered in Mumbai, India. The tea produced by this company possess high rate of caffeine and catechins which are effective in weight loss and metabolism. The nice aspect about Tetley green tea is that it is completely natural and has a smooth, mellow and sweet smell.A

Other types of green tea include:

–         Butter Tea Blend

–         Yogi Green Tea

–         Numi Green Tea and many more.


There are various varieties of green tea and you can choose anyone of your choice. However, drinking green tea with your daily meal can help you feel fuller and it will enable you to consume less calories. You can choose whether to take a cup of tea early in the morning before taking any meal or you take it along with your meal. You can easily burn your belly fats with the aid of green tea due to the composition of compounds such as caffeine and catechins which would enhance weight loss and effective metabolism.


Image Credit: HealthyWomen.Org