4 Simple Ways To Cure Back Spasms At Home

If you’ve experienced a back spasm, you’d definitely know it. There’s no mistaking the feeling. Simple movements such as leaning or turning your body will cause a crippling pain. When you have no idea what you should do about the pain, back spasms can be very frightening. Don’t worry though, because there are different ways you can cure back spasms. You can do these at home and give yourself relief from the pain:

Stop! Then and There

If you suddenly start to spasm, stop what you’re doing and rest. Although this may seem like very sensible advice, a lot of people don’t do it. They usually continue on with their activity until they’ve finished it. When it comes to back spasms, it’s never a good idea to keep on working through the pain. It’s dangerous and may cause even more problems.

Hot Pack or Cold Pack

Apply heat or cold to your back. For the first few days after you experience a spasm, gently apply a cold pack to the area. This helps reduce inflammation. After that time, you may apply a moist heat to it. You can do this by taking a warm shower or placing a wet towel in the area. Just make sure it’s not too hot.


When you feel spasm, you need to consciously relax your muscles. It’s easier said than done but it will help you out a lot. You can do this by taking slow and deep breaths while you’re resting.


Finally, you can also take some medication for the pain. Ask your doctor which medicines are best to reduce the pain if it gets too much.

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